GreenDot is a global service specialised in:

  • reducing your planning times
  • optimising delivery and fleet operations,
  • boosting efficiencies,
  • saving money and
  • reducing carbon emissions.

Greendot has a number of references showing savings of 15 – 50% on transportation operations via a combination of global best practice advisory and providing targeted online software platforms to calculate the optimal methods to complete daily delivery / service tasks – whether it is people going to their assignments or packages reaching a destination.

Greendot guarantees savings to every client and we ensure a return on investment for our clients in year 1 of implementation.

The client may choose between two models based on their own business practices:

  • Fee per vehicle with a guarantee of savings greater than the fees – e.g. ROI of >10% (typically €2 – €3 per vehicle day)
  • Savings share plus lowered fee per vehicle – shared risk and reward with Greendot

GreenDot optimised route planning services work with any vehicle and fleet type. Any client with dynamic scheduling need, and multi – location operations will benefit from GreenDot optimised route planning services e.g.

  • Classic delivery services including home delivery, collection and delivery, courier services
  • Complex service industry users for example managed service engineers and sales personnel,spares delivery and repair, meter readers, facilities management companies, equipment manufacturers and repairers.
  • Staff transport from multiple locations with multi – drop, multi pick – up complexities

Any fleet of more than 5 vehicles will benefit from our optimised route planning service.

GreenDot uses leading, well – established solutions together with their years of experience in operations.The systems provided are cloud based and do not require direct integration with any other internal systems. Greendot optimised route planning requires only input of the daily transportation requirements, either manually, via csv file (excel export) or API integrated to your ERP.

There is no installation for the client as our optimised route planning service is cloud-based.

Greendot can make the first savings prognosis based on a daily manifest data file with time and address information.

The transition into operations is usually done as a collaboration over one month in which Greendot works on line and on site with the client dispatchers to adjust procedures and streamline the data input for optimal results.

The daily schedules can be input manually directly to the Greendot platform or a fully automated data input routine can be developed at cost if the client requests it.

Both telematics and GreenDot services can be successfully used independently.

For instance, telematics can be used to provide vehicle performance of location information with the services of GreenDot. Similarly, GreenDot can implement their services and generate optimised fleet, routes and schedules without the use of any form of telematics. However there is a clear recognition that using both systems can offer a significant step forward in vehicle, driver and customer service management and control.

By using GreenDot together with telematics a transport management team or fleet operator can develop a vehicle plan and know, often in great detail and in real – time, the extent to which the plan is being followed. This enables quicker reaction to changes and offers the ability to divert or re -direct vehicles and/or service engineers and sales personnel for additional work, warn customers of a late delivery, collection or service call before they are even aware that anything has started togo wrong.